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[personal profile] calimon1991 asked: What are my strengths and weaknesses as a tarot/ oracle reader?

So, after getting to know my decks a little, I decided to use my Healing with Healing with Fairies oracle deck and Animal deck. I used the method of incorporating two decks from one of my card books.

1) Strength as a reader: Detoxification and Tortoise- As a reader, you are able to cleanse the energies surrounding the energies around the reading and as such, allows the subject to know when to change and when to resist change. 

2) Weakness as a reader: Financial Flow and Water Buffalo- You may not have been using tarot or oracle decks to the full extent of their ability to help you more confidently stand up for yourself which may benefit your financial standing as a result of this spirit.

3) Build on strengths: Trust your Intuition and Kangaroo- Work on trusting yourself, perhaps by doing more intuitive readings or work, and allow this momentum to push you toward even more challenges ahead.

4) Improve on weakness: Problem Resolved and Peacock- When you aren't trying too hard to protect yourself, the problem will be resolved and you will be able to shine, which may lead to you being an even stronger person and tarot reader.

This was a little tricky, so I hope this made sense and that this helps you in some way. My question comes from Jessica from awhile ago: What is my next spiritual step and how can I improve with it?[Bad username or unknown identity: ]
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