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Ya'll have been doing some huge readings so I'm going to mix 3 decks. One for the energy of Summer (Mermaids) one for the energy of the moon (Lune) and one for the energy of Earth (Crystals). Hopefully it comes out well.

Cali: How can I stay motivated towards change?

What will help keep you motivated:
The Unseen - Things you haven't gotten to experience because of where you are, because of the things limiting you. Keep those things in mind to help push you through.

Waxing Cresent ° Expansion - Your world will grow and you with it! Right now, you're trapped in a bubble, unable to reach the big wide world outside. Not only will your world expand, but you will grow fast and hard, breaking through the walls that have stood in the way of what you want. 

Clear Quartz ° Clarity - as you move forward, things will become clear. Clear quartz will help, as will Crown Chakra work.

What will suck your motivation out:
Conchomancy - Focusing on magick and craft, too much divination. Maintain the level you're at, don't invest more into it.
Blessing Moon ° Contentment - don't rest on those laurals! I know it's easy to do one thing and feel like you're done, don't. And don't let yourself feel like, "oh, actually things aren't quite as bad as they were or as I thought". Things don't start bad, they get there. Don't let yourself be content with things at this point.
Apatite ° Digestion - ummm... Yeah. Eat well so you don't have too much of that problem. 

General Advice:
Time Out - Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but also don't be afraid to take a little personal time to recoup. It'll only set yourself back further if you end up throwing yourself into a depressive episode.
Waning Cresent ° Transformation - You will experience some transformation during this moon cycle. Consider journalling or blogging where you are and what you feel so you can look back and see how far you've come. 
Apophyllite ° Meditation - keep yourself centered. This also speaks to higher Chakra work (Crown and 3rd Eye).

Your goal: Energy Field Adjustment, Rebirth (Blood Moon), and Truth.
You want to get to a point where you've changed, to where you can express your truths -your needs- without fear. You want to change your auric field, the energy you radiate. You want to change your mind/body/soul relationship, to be more in touch with certain things and less focused on others.

Okay, that's all. Any questions?

Jessica's question: how can I work more closely with the Mermaids this summer (other than visiting the beach more and using my mermaids deck more).

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