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 [personal profile] kristyjnh said: "How can I succeed this week?"

So I decided to go for 4 decks too.

1) What you should focus on achieving
Page of Pentacles
- Be diligent and practical. I took this to mean that you should be focusing on finding a balance between getting your all your homework done and not overwhelming yourself/procrastinating to the last second.

2) How you can achieve this
Black Obsidian - The Shadow
- Maybe do some shadow work to find the root behind procrastination... The book basically just talks about shadow work to. Also purge yourself of stale energy.

3) What you can do to succeed in general throughout the week
- Well, pretty self-explanatory... Spend some time to yourself.

4) What you shouldn't do
30 - nurture all you love
- The key word here is all. Try to just focus on a few things that you want to get done/focus on this week and give them your all. Don't work on too many things, no matter how much you may feel like you've been neglecting something. You may love many thing, but just pick a few to give attention to this week.

So for my question, going back to Jessica's last reading for me:
How can I better embrace the "masculine?"
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