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 [personal profile] bethfly said: "How can I find the career or job I'm meant to have?"

I asked Jessica for some advice so she's the one who came up with the spread and I hope I did alright because I kind of had some trouble with this, sorry.

1) What you should be doing
Exhaustion (9 of Fire)
- Something that wears you out, something that leaves you exaughsted, but feeling satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day. This card has a lot of metal in it and moving/working parts, so potentially something where you're working with your hands to actually make something...

2) Why you should be doing this
Projections (7 of Water)
- You've had a lot of ideas - mostly instilled upon you by other people, or at least strongly influenced by them - of what it is you should be doing and this should help you shed these - potentially wrong/unnecessary - ideas off.

3) Where your natural talents lie
Ice-olation (3 of Swords)
- Working alone. You might do best in something where you don't have to work in a team/have to rely on others to get a job done. Maybe something where you are given tasks where you are the sole one responsible for getting it done. Also potentially something that is more logic driven and where emotions don't really have a place...

4) What you shouldn't be doing
Stress (7 of Fire)
- Well... Obviously not something that would cause you a lot of unnecessary stress. Potentially not something where you have to do a lot of multi-tasking/have to work on a bunch of different projects all at once.

5) Why you shouldn't be doing this
Comparison (5 of Air)
- The negatives of a job like this would far outweigh any of the perks. For example no matter how well it may pay the negative effects it may have on your mental health and well-being would never be worth it.

6) Advice to find this path
Change (X - The Wheel of Fortune)
- You are already on your way. You are heading in the right direction. There are still some steps you need to take, but it's kind of a waiting game right now. Keep moving forward with the confidence that you know what your doing and that everything will turn out alright in the end.

Alright... Well... That's what I got... Sorry if it's not great... I really hope it can help you at least a little. If anyone else wants to read further for her/has some additional insight please do so.

For my question...
What should I be working on?

Date: 2017-03-24 06:28 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] bethfly
No, this was actually a really great reading! It's giving me very interesting ideas as to what I should look for. More importantly, it's cooled my jets a little in terms of trying to find a new career path. I'll find a job I like someday but there's no reason to rush this either. Thank you Cali! <3


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