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Cali's Question:  What simple thing can I do to encourage spiritual growth?

I'll pull a simple thing from 3 decks - they may all say the same thing or not, we'll see. 

Oracle of the Mermaids - The Return of Aphrodite - So. Goddess work. Getting in touch with Ma'at in your case and working with her. Some potential resources: ;

Magical Mermaids - Healing Heart - Pretty simple, balancing your Heart Chakra. I recommend googling for sounds that balance the heart on Youtube. 

Nature's Whispers - Celebrate Differences - Know that the way you practice may not match up with others. Your rituals, spells, holidays, or personal correspondences may differ. Know that that is just fine and carve your own way.

I hope that covered it. It gave you two simple things anyway. 

Now, what do I want to ask? I think I'll go peek at our archives on ilac and steal a question from there. (Dang looking back we've all gotten so much better at reading, Cali in particular I just want to commend you on your growth!)

My question: What do I need? 
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 Cali's question: what should I read next?

This is the only way I can think of to answer a question like this. Hope it shakes something loose.

1. General theme/genre  Page of Wands - a little adventure, but nothing huge or world-ending. A fun, creative story. 

2. Plot/story - Knight of Swords - fast paced, focused on a main character. Wordy.

3. Romance? - 3 of Cups - getting a lesbian vibe here. 

So... Ring any bells. Hopefully it at least points you in the right direction.

My question... Uhhh... How can I get along better with my sister (are her moods just a phase?)?
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Ya'll have been doing some huge readings so I'm going to mix 3 decks. One for the energy of Summer (Mermaids) one for the energy of the moon (Lune) and one for the energy of Earth (Crystals). Hopefully it comes out well.

Cali: How can I stay motivated towards change?

What will help keep you motivated:
The Unseen - Things you haven't gotten to experience because of where you are, because of the things limiting you. Keep those things in mind to help push you through.

Waxing Cresent ° Expansion - Your world will grow and you with it! Right now, you're trapped in a bubble, unable to reach the big wide world outside. Not only will your world expand, but you will grow fast and hard, breaking through the walls that have stood in the way of what you want. 

Clear Quartz ° Clarity - as you move forward, things will become clear. Clear quartz will help, as will Crown Chakra work.

What will suck your motivation out:
Conchomancy - Focusing on magick and craft, too much divination. Maintain the level you're at, don't invest more into it.
Blessing Moon ° Contentment - don't rest on those laurals! I know it's easy to do one thing and feel like you're done, don't. And don't let yourself feel like, "oh, actually things aren't quite as bad as they were or as I thought". Things don't start bad, they get there. Don't let yourself be content with things at this point.
Apatite ° Digestion - ummm... Yeah. Eat well so you don't have too much of that problem. 

General Advice:
Time Out - Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but also don't be afraid to take a little personal time to recoup. It'll only set yourself back further if you end up throwing yourself into a depressive episode.
Waning Cresent ° Transformation - You will experience some transformation during this moon cycle. Consider journalling or blogging where you are and what you feel so you can look back and see how far you've come. 
Apophyllite ° Meditation - keep yourself centered. This also speaks to higher Chakra work (Crown and 3rd Eye).

Your goal: Energy Field Adjustment, Rebirth (Blood Moon), and Truth.
You want to get to a point where you've changed, to where you can express your truths -your needs- without fear. You want to change your auric field, the energy you radiate. You want to change your mind/body/soul relationship, to be more in touch with certain things and less focused on others.

Okay, that's all. Any questions?

Jessica's question: how can I work more closely with the Mermaids this summer (other than visiting the beach more and using my mermaids deck more).

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Cali's question:
How can I best tackle the things I need to get done? Or maybe... How should I prioritize between all the things I need to get done...? Something like that... 

Highest priority: Make a Wish - What do you want most? To be able to move out, meet someone, get a new job? Pick the thing you want most and list the steps backward from there.

Lowest priority: Be True to Your Heart - Now is a time of change for you, a time to step out of your comfort zone. It's time to move out of your circle. Think, what would you normally do first? What would you have picked before Japan? Once you have that thought in your head, do the opposite. 

Best approach: Celebrate Differences - Humans are dichotomous creatures -we live with opposing forces everyday, both outside and inside ourselves. Again, it's time for you to find those pieces of yourself that exist opposite to your natural disposition and tap into them. If you're usually shy, find the moments or places that help you feel outgoing (in lolita, protective Cali, with your family) and try to tap into them elsewhere. Look for the ways you can make yourself different -not from the general pop, but from who you're used to being.

Pitfalls to avoid: Clear out the Old - No need to throw everything away, remember that you're growing. Don't cut off pieces of yourself, that will only make you smaller! You're becoming a more integrated person, celebrate your differences and incorporate both sides into yourself. Also, more literally, don't get caught up in just cleaning, because it can be hard to make progress on that if things just get messy again. Focus on things from your list that are harder to backstep on.

Additional advice: Seek Beauty - Enjoy your moments of fun! Give yourself time outdoors to just sit and enjoy nature. Tap into your connection to the Earth to help you stabilize during this time of change.

Sorry it got more intense that I was expecting!

Jessica's Question: How can I find stability?
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 Cali's question: What should I be focusing my energy on?

Focus on: VIII of Fire - Make the Change & Waning Cresent - Support
It's time to make the big change (the book literally talks about a new job or moving out) that has been on hold. You also need to put your energy into your support system, rely on family to help get things done, look to friends for assistance. Call on your spirit guides and work with your Root Chakra (grounding to help you with all the change going on).

To help you achieve this: VI of Earth - Family & Responsibility and Waxing Gibbous - Courage.
Again, rely on your family and community to get through this. Don't compare yourself to others and where they are, walk your own path with your head held high. You're strong and braver than you give yourself credit for. 

My question: what message do rabbits have for me, I keep seeing them around!
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Rishi: "As for my question, Jessica has already offered to do a love reading for me. For a specific question... What do I need to know about my love life?"

Using my Romance Angels deck with a past-present-future+actions spread. 

Past: Children - You were a kid. Yeah. 'Nuff said.

Present: This Could Be The One - You may have already met your next romantic partner, currently, in the present. You might have an inkling of who it is. 

Present action that will help: Attraction - Let yourself feel the attraction to this person. Maybe amp yourself up a little and pick a fun summer look that helps you feel really attractive. 

Future: It is safe for you to love - Safe is the striking word here. You can love; let yourself. Right now, you're protecting yourself, your heart, because you're afraid of the hurt it might bring. If you want to be with someone, open your heart and ask the angels to guide someone caring and gentle to your life, so they might push aside the fear you feel. 

Action to reach the future: Reconciliation - it says "someone from your past is returning to you". I don't know if this is the "One" mentioned in the present card and you'll reconnect in a new way or if this is someone who has hurt you so you can address that issue and heal. The book says "the first person you think of is likely who it is" so perhaps you know more than I regarding this card. 

That was my first reading with this deck! I hope it was alright and the cards fit with what you've been thinking/feeling. I wish you a lot of luck!

So... I get another question. Uhhhh... Okay Cali I know you have your fortune cards with you so I'll ask: What's next for me? (tell me a story or experiment a little with those things -if you want to)
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 [personal profile] kirarose_10 said: My question is what kinds of activities or tasks should I be focusing on right now?

I of Earth and Leap of Faith - It looks like it's time for something new. Are you maybe stuck in a bit of a rut? Maybe there's been some small thread of an idea forming in your mind that you hadn't really thought you could do -well the cards say go for it. It could be a club, craft, project, anything. I of Earth specifically asks you to create something new (interpersonal relationships count) while Leap of Faith screams "GO FOR IT!" 

To help you do this, my crystal deck recommends Rutilated Quartz, which you can find at most spirituality or rock stores for pretty cheap or but online. This place in Arcata might have them - 

I hope that covered it!

Jessica's question: What's my next spiritual step and how can I flourish with/at it? (More shadow work, lightwork, Angels, spirit guides, heart healing, animal totems, energy work... etc)
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 [personal profile] kirarose_10  As for my question, with the help of Jessica, I'd like to know what is my psychic gift and how can I foster it more?"

Clear Your Space + Pluto + Yemaya (and thinking of the Star from your last reading as well)
I believe this speaks to a gift related to Karmic healing or cutting ties with the past. Yemaya is the primordial life of the ocean. Now, I may be wrong but here's what I see. Yemaya indicates a connection to the past, to lives gone by. Pluto and The Star, when read together, speak of  a new start, a new beginning. Clear Your Space represents cleansing and purifying. And so, we have the gift of helping people by removing long-held, psychic wounds.

How you can foster it: Freedom & Indigo and Crystal Children
Know that you are different. How you see and experience the world is not how the majority of people do. Be proud of your differences and let them work to your advantage. Working with children and being determined on the path you've chosen will assist as well. 

Well... I really hope that helps. It wasn't quite as clear as I would have liked Cali might want to read on it as well to fill in the gaps. 
My question is... how can I succeed this week? Unless Cali wants to take it and read for Rishi's question as well. 
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[Bad username or unknown identity: calimon1991:]  My question... 
What does my practice need right now?

Okay so I'm just going to pull 3 cards from various oracles for what it needs, and 1 card for what it doesn't need.

What your practice needs:
Amplify Your Positive Emotions - Right now, what you're sending out is not who you are (I'm thinking in regards to your work situation). The negativity can be hard to let go of, but if you positivity out there it will return. Focus on the good things you're working on. If you do magick, keep it light, hopeful, positive. Remember that no matter how much you might wish you didn't, we all create ripples that affect the world and people around us. Know too that this is just a part of the cycle you're in, something you had to experience to grow, and that it will pass and you will move on to something better for you, new and exciting. Maybe try working on some "law of attraction" magick.
Honor The Masculine - In regards to your practice, it may be time switch up deities to a male one. Remember that without men women would not exist and without women men would not exist - both are necessary. For growth, you may want to work on integrating "masculine" traits. Consider this: The Empress is a ruler. Do you think she is soft spoken? Mow much decision-making comes with a job like that? She is your goal, so consider pieces of her that are harder to see through the mask of 'perfect womanhood'. 
Clairaudience - Listen to your inner voice. Try to grow that gift. (I recommend google).

What it doesn't need:
The Moon - No need for shadow work right now. Leave your darker emotions, hidden feelings, and fears out of your practice. 

Hope that helped, sorry it took me so long!

Jessica's question: What cycle am I in? 
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 Okay Cali, here's your second reading. This is by no means overwriting Rishi's reading (she did a wonderful job and a very insightful reading after all) but rather to be read in conjunction with the first. Because this is a big issue for you and you could certainly use clarity regarding it, I'm going ahead with this. 

So as you know (because it's the message you keep getting) you keep being told that love (I assume most readings say romantic love) is needed for you to grow and then told to be patient regarding love. But how can you grow if you're supposed to be patient and the cards already told you you needed love to grow! Let's see if we can't sort it out.

I was gonna use Linestrider but as I was typing the spread I got the feeling I should use Mermaids. So I went with my gut. I'll use Linestrider for any clarification.

Spread: Patience and Love? Patience or Love? Cali's dilemma. 

1. Why the message of patience?
2. How long must she be patient? Is there something she has to achieve before she can seek love out?
3. How will love help her grow?
4. Which parts of love are her readings telling her she needs?
5. Which parts of love are unnecessary or will get in the way of her growth?
6. & 7. How can she gain what she needs to break this loop?
  1. Adrift - You've spent too long seeking, going out of your way to force things, that you have missed the path, the flow you are meant to be with. Surrender to the situation and let things lead you to where they -not you- wish to go. I know this card really goes along with the message of patience, but this has more of as aspect of fate, of the universe drawing you to where you need to go. 
  2. Time out - Solitude and contemplation - hahhhhhh well. Lovely. Thanks cards. Okay. Take a step back, and examine what it is about love or a relationship that makes you want it so badly. Is it that you want a wife, suburban house and kids playing in the front lawn? Is it that you want someone to stay up all night with just talking about you uh, feelings? Are you horny and you just want to get it on? Are you looking for someone to take charge of you or your life so you can just fall in line? Look deeply at what you want and why you want it. Maybe you want all those things but one of them speaks a little louder to you than the others. Maybe what you really want from a relationship isn't there. Try to find that #1 thing for you and ask yourself, why? 
  3. Endurance - Your path to love has been a long journey, fraught with setbacks and letdowns. And yet, you still try. You haven't given up. Perhaps this challenge is here to teach you just how formidable you really are. Maybe the lesson here is that you aren't a quitter, you aren't weak, you keep trying when the world goes against you. Is there anything else in your life that could have taught you this lesson?
  4. Falling in Love - Well that's pretty self explanatory. The part where you give yourself whole-heartedly to someone else, letting go of the control you fought all your life to gain. Falling in love swallows you -YOU, Cali the baker, witch, pagan, lesbian, soul- and puts another person at the forefront of every thought, action, moment. This all-consuming fire is the thing the cards have been telling you you need. 
  5. Reflections - I think this goes along with losing yourself in another person. The cards don't want you to stop and look at the relationship, or to look at who you are once you get to this point. 
  6. & 7. Yearning & Atlantis + 6 of Wands --- I'm pretty sure these together are talking about being in a relationship with someone... Yearning- wanting someone, desiring them, tearing yourself up because you can't be close... coupled with Atlantis & 6oW which both more or less mean victory. So like, a successful longing?
So the overall takeaway I get from this is that only by totally releasing control and direction in your life will you find someone who becomes more important to you than your own life. Whew! That was an intense one!

So now I get a question... What about me needs to change?
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[personal profile] calimon1991  Here's my question:
What is my next step?
So my new Oracle came today so I thought I would hop on here and do this because it's a pretty simple question... I went with a "do this, not this" format.
Your next step -
Seek Beauty: Create moments you can remember.  Do things for the experience - no strings, no expectations, nothing hinging on it. Do do things to 'get' somewhere. Enjoy the beautiful world around you. 
This might go along with your patience message - are you sacrificing the "now" by putting too much on hopes for the future?
The direction you should not go - 
Bountiful Harvest: I think this goes along with the message above - now isn't the time to create tangible results or focus on goals - just enjoy the ride. (Also this card mentions accessing the abundance in your life right now and I think I remember you pulling an abundance card today but I can't remember the context... So abundance... no-no?)
Hope that helps and my question is... uhhh...
What changed me? (Both recent and childhood if you like). Or maybe why do I feel so despondent lately (that might be a good one for Osho Zen). Whichever you want to read.
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[personal profile] calimon1991 :  Lets go vague:


What am I doing?

What should I be doing?

What shouldn't I be doing?

1. The Maiden - You're embracing your inner girl, acting out your youth and innocence. You're reaching back into your girlhood (or grabbing hold of girlhood you missed out on). There's youth and innocence and joy.

2. X of Water - Living in the present, cutting out disruptive influences, letting go of past emotions and being balanced emotionally. Basically, this card says you -your emotions, your demeanor- is ruled by the past. Things that happened. Things you felt. Your action should be leaving the past behind and letting yourself change. Spend a few days looking at how you feel, why you feel that way, and how you react to things. Now is your chance to change and grow for the better.

3. III of Air - Learning, book-study. Now is not the time to focus on gaining new knowledge. Introspect, and refine the things you already know.

My question:

Should I just go for it?

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[personal profile] kirarose_10 said: "I guess I'm up to bat. My question is how can I be more Sword-like?"

 I tried a little Shufflemancy to help answer and got…
Journey To The Past - Anastasia  
So some part of you used to be a sword. Maybe do a little digging to find out what and try to tap into that part of yourself.
1) Qualities/aspects you already have - 
-- 10 of Cups - Your sword comes out when your with family. Maybe you're less afraid to be critical or to speak your mind at home.
2) Qualities/aspects to work on that will serve you best - 
-- 2 of Pentacles - Be flexible. Spontaneous. Put yourself in new situations and go with the flow.
3) Why you would want to be more Sword-y - 
-- 10 of Swords - This card was very insistent that it was the right card for this position. What I'm getting is fear. Something about fear. Being more sword-like will force you be a bit less timid, a bit more confident. You don't have to do a personality overhaul or change who you are at your core, just a little about how you communicate and a little about how you think.
4) Most important action to take - 
-- 3 of Cups - Make friends. Not easy, I know. I'm terrible at it. But this will give you a chance to be around new people, people who don't know the old you. It's a chance to reinvent yourself. Maybe over drinks since the girls on the card are all holding chalices. 
5) Additional advice - 
-- 10 of Wands - This isn't a change that has to be made instantly or all at once. Keep it small, keep it manageable. Decide Sunday night  "I'm going to strike up conversation with 2 strangers this week" or "This week I'll investigate that anime club". Stick to the resolutions you make.Changing core aspects of yourself is going to be an uphill battle.
Jumper - 
-- 3 of Wands - Focus on the future. What will you have to be, what will you have to learn to be able to move forward to the point you aim to get to? Does your future career require you be skilled verbally? Authoritative? Able to give (constructive) criticisms? Now's the time to start working on it.

So I'm gonna ask... What can I do to keep my poltergeist from popping up again? Alternatively, should I try to learn to harness it, control it? Is this my psychic gift or just a result of stress? Heeeellllllp me tarot friends


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