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 [personal profile] bethfly said: "How can I find the career or job I'm meant to have?"

I asked Jessica for some advice so she's the one who came up with the spread and I hope I did alright because I kind of had some trouble with this, sorry.

1) What you should be doing
Exhaustion (9 of Fire)
- Something that wears you out, something that leaves you exaughsted, but feeling satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day. This card has a lot of metal in it and moving/working parts, so potentially something where you're working with your hands to actually make something...

2) Why you should be doing this
Projections (7 of Water)
- You've had a lot of ideas - mostly instilled upon you by other people, or at least strongly influenced by them - of what it is you should be doing and this should help you shed these - potentially wrong/unnecessary - ideas off.

3) Where your natural talents lie
Ice-olation (3 of Swords)
- Working alone. You might do best in something where you don't have to work in a team/have to rely on others to get a job done. Maybe something where you are given tasks where you are the sole one responsible for getting it done. Also potentially something that is more logic driven and where emotions don't really have a place...

4) What you shouldn't be doing
Stress (7 of Fire)
- Well... Obviously not something that would cause you a lot of unnecessary stress. Potentially not something where you have to do a lot of multi-tasking/have to work on a bunch of different projects all at once.

5) Why you shouldn't be doing this
Comparison (5 of Air)
- The negatives of a job like this would far outweigh any of the perks. For example no matter how well it may pay the negative effects it may have on your mental health and well-being would never be worth it.

6) Advice to find this path
Change (X - The Wheel of Fortune)
- You are already on your way. You are heading in the right direction. There are still some steps you need to take, but it's kind of a waiting game right now. Keep moving forward with the confidence that you know what your doing and that everything will turn out alright in the end.

Alright... Well... That's what I got... Sorry if it's not great... I really hope it can help you at least a little. If anyone else wants to read further for her/has some additional insight please do so.

For my question...
What should I be working on?
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 [personal profile] kristyjnh said: "How can I succeed this week?"

So I decided to go for 4 decks too.

1) What you should focus on achieving
Page of Pentacles
- Be diligent and practical. I took this to mean that you should be focusing on finding a balance between getting your all your homework done and not overwhelming yourself/procrastinating to the last second.

2) How you can achieve this
Black Obsidian - The Shadow
- Maybe do some shadow work to find the root behind procrastination... The book basically just talks about shadow work to. Also purge yourself of stale energy.

3) What you can do to succeed in general throughout the week
- Well, pretty self-explanatory... Spend some time to yourself.

4) What you shouldn't do
30 - nurture all you love
- The key word here is all. Try to just focus on a few things that you want to get done/focus on this week and give them your all. Don't work on too many things, no matter how much you may feel like you've been neglecting something. You may love many thing, but just pick a few to give attention to this week.

So for my question, going back to Jessica's last reading for me:
How can I better embrace the "masculine?"
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 [personal profile] kirarose_10 said: "How can I improve my ability to organize my time: between friends, school work, and personal time?"

1) What to do
0 - The Fool
Start again, start fresh. Try something new when it comes to the way you organize your time. This card also talks about following instinct. Do what feels right. Somewhere you know what you should be doing and when you should be doing it, follow that voice.

2) What not to do
XVI - The Tower
Don't get upset or frustrated and definitely don't give up and destroy all the hard work you've put in until now. The Fool says to give yourself a fresh start, but The Tower says not to complete trash the groundwork you've already laid in the starting over process.

3) Specific advice: time for friends
XV - The Devil
Don't give into temptation. You may want to spend a lot of time with friends, but moderation is the key. Friend time is important, but don't let it tempt you into procrastination.

4) Specific advice: time for school work
5 of Pentacles
Don't get discouraged. I know sometimes school work can be draining and sometimes it feels like it takes forever, but it is important. Keep your goals in mind. Remember why your doing the work. What is it that you want to accomplish? Put in the necessary work now to get the results you want in the future.

5) Specific advice: time for self
Page of Swords
Be logical. Be observant. Pay attention to yourself. Do your body/mind have any signs they give when you need a break? Look for them and heed them.  Learn to figure out when you need a break and use your time wisely.

Hope I did that alright.

My question... 
What does my practice need right now?
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 [personal profile] kristyjnh said: "What about me needs to change?"

1) What needs to change?
  Ace of Fire
This card talks about burnout. Are you likely to start a project and never finish it. Your energy just dries up. You had the best intentions and just couldn't follow through.  I know I have a problem with this and I think you do too - maybe not as bad as me... But that's not saying much... Anyway what you need to change is that. You're likely hood to drop a project.

2) How to change
  Maiden of Water
Try approaching some of those projects that you've abandoned.  Give yourself a fresh start and try again. Also in the future really take the time to feel out if a project is something you really want to take on. Does it mean enough to you to make sure that it gets done? If the answer is no, maybe don't take it on then.

3) What not to change?
  I Am Friendly
I know that you've been striving to make more time for your friends and that you've also been trying to put yourself out there and make new friends at school too. Keep that up. Don't let your projects stop you from being social and have fun.

Hope this helps!

My question is... 
How can I improve at work?
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 [personal profile] kirarose_10 said: "How can I motivate myself so I can focus on school work instead of lounging around?"

I simply drew three cards while thinking, "What are three things that can help motivate Rishi?"

0-Beginnings - Tara
Try to give yourself some kind of fresh start. Clear your mind and try to approach your schoolwork as if for the first time. Also try to remember what it is that you wanted to get from your schooling in the first place.

4 of Pentacles
Use your talents; know that you have what it takes to do whatever it is you need to accomplish. Also count your blessings, know how lucky you are to be receiving the education that you are.

Realize the school work takes a long time, the big projects take time and effort and although it may seem tedious the patience and hardworking will pay off in the end.

Hope this helps. Also I think Jessica should ask the next question when she's ready to put up her version of my question. I don't really know what to ask and I will have had both of you answer a question for me so I think it works out better that way.
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  [personal profile] kristyjnh said "...why am I so despondent lately?

The reason for the despondency?
Awareness (VII-The Chariot)
Going by The Chariot you may be feeling despondent because of movement.  A lot happened to you last month and that took a lot out of you.  Also moving forward in life - also spiritually if I'm taking "Awareness" into account.  Potentially moving forward too quickly without taking the proper time to shield yourself and rest when needed.

What can you do to cure yourself of these despondent feelings?
The Outsider (5 of Earth) and I Am Beginning
Take yourself out of things for a while, you may feel left out, but the rest is important and needed.  Also when you are ready to jump back into things try approaching things from a new angle, a fresh start.

Hope this helps!  Sorry you're feeling despondent.

My question:
What can I do about my stupid love dilemma? (for those who don't know -  tarot keeps saying that love is something I really need to focus on right now and basically that it will make every aspect of my life better, but then when I ask for advice it tells me to be patient... Cartomancy, why you gotta be like that?)
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  [personal profile] kristyjnh said: "Should I just go for it?"

1) Outcome of "going for it:"
Rx 25 - love that you are different
- You conform.  There is a dissonance between the person you become - or at least the image your portray - and who you really are.  You may not like the person that you become.  You may feel rejected or like an outcast.  "You will never be who others expect you to be.  You can only be the unique individual you are meant to be." - from the book.

2) Out come of not "going for it:"
49 - we are all connected
- You will come into your own at your own pace. You don't have to do what ever it is you think you need to do in order to be accepted.  You will find your place in everything without "going for it."

3) General advice
31 - observe in silence
- Wait it out, don't make a move right away. Sense the mood and make sure to carefully think about things before you make a decision.

I had a hard time wording/figuring out how to say some things because I'm not sure what it is you are considering.  I hope that this is at least a little helpful... Anyway...

Here's my question:
What is my next step?


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