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Cali's question:
How can I best tackle the things I need to get done? Or maybe... How should I prioritize between all the things I need to get done...? Something like that... 

Highest priority: Make a Wish - What do you want most? To be able to move out, meet someone, get a new job? Pick the thing you want most and list the steps backward from there.

Lowest priority: Be True to Your Heart - Now is a time of change for you, a time to step out of your comfort zone. It's time to move out of your circle. Think, what would you normally do first? What would you have picked before Japan? Once you have that thought in your head, do the opposite. 

Best approach: Celebrate Differences - Humans are dichotomous creatures -we live with opposing forces everyday, both outside and inside ourselves. Again, it's time for you to find those pieces of yourself that exist opposite to your natural disposition and tap into them. If you're usually shy, find the moments or places that help you feel outgoing (in lolita, protective Cali, with your family) and try to tap into them elsewhere. Look for the ways you can make yourself different -not from the general pop, but from who you're used to being.

Pitfalls to avoid: Clear out the Old - No need to throw everything away, remember that you're growing. Don't cut off pieces of yourself, that will only make you smaller! You're becoming a more integrated person, celebrate your differences and incorporate both sides into yourself. Also, more literally, don't get caught up in just cleaning, because it can be hard to make progress on that if things just get messy again. Focus on things from your list that are harder to backstep on.

Additional advice: Seek Beauty - Enjoy your moments of fun! Give yourself time outdoors to just sit and enjoy nature. Tap into your connection to the Earth to help you stabilize during this time of change.

Sorry it got more intense that I was expecting!

Jessica's Question: How can I find stability?
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