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Cali's Question:  What simple thing can I do to encourage spiritual growth?

I'll pull a simple thing from 3 decks - they may all say the same thing or not, we'll see. 

Oracle of the Mermaids - The Return of Aphrodite - So. Goddess work. Getting in touch with Ma'at in your case and working with her. Some potential resources: ;

Magical Mermaids - Healing Heart - Pretty simple, balancing your Heart Chakra. I recommend googling for sounds that balance the heart on Youtube. 

Nature's Whispers - Celebrate Differences - Know that the way you practice may not match up with others. Your rituals, spells, holidays, or personal correspondences may differ. Know that that is just fine and carve your own way.

I hope that covered it. It gave you two simple things anyway. 

Now, what do I want to ask? I think I'll go peek at our archives on ilac and steal a question from there. (Dang looking back we've all gotten so much better at reading, Cali in particular I just want to commend you on your growth!)

My question: What do I need? 
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[personal profile] kristyjnh asks: "I've been dreaming a lot lately and I don't know if there's a reason or if it's just an escape. If there's a reason, why? If not, how can I regain the willpower to stop?"
So, I didn't use my tarot deck, because when it comes to dreams that are so personal, I thought it would be better to do the reading with a deck Jessica gave to me. Therefore, I used my Healing with the Fairies Oracle deck, and although the results weren't straight forward, I think they still make sense.

1) Why you are dreaming?: Moving Forward Fearlessly

Your dreams are in fact trying to tell you something. They are trying to push you toward some kind of message. The dreams keep coming because it's waiting for you to follow the message through with confidence.

2) What is the meaning behind the dreams?: Breaking Free

There may be something holding you back from your truest potential, either spiritually or in your day to day life. Your message from the dreams is to break free from this blockage and reach new heights.

3) Advice about what to do about the dreams: Dreams Come True

You should heed the message by finding what may be holding you back and over-come it.

4) What is blocking you?: Look Inside Yourself

The block exists in you, and may even have been created within yourself. Look within, however you prefer, to find the problem rather than search outside sources.

5) How to overcome this?: Trust Your Intuition

Trust yourself and your abilities more. Know that you can resolve this.

I'm sorry that this was kind of vague, but I really hope this helps. By the way, I added the last two after typing this up and realizing how weak the advice card was. My question is Where do I need to grow/ improve and how can I do this?
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 Rishi's question: What do I need to know now and why?

Things you need to know... 

because you forgot - Illumination - there are things in your life that truly light it up. Things that brighten your day that may have been forgotten. Try to find those things again. 
Why? - Five of Cups - it can be easy to focus on how things are bad, dark, or on things you have lost, but this is holding you back.

because it may be dangerous not to know - Homeland - home is where the heart is... Where's yours? Being back in your family home may have felt a little weird, like a step back or regression. Also, this could relate to problems with your family at your parents' house.
Why? - Knight of Pentacles - slowly but surely you have forged ahead, creating your own place, gaining Independence. Don't let yourself lose that by falling back into old habits.

to help you heal or grow - Howlite - Purification - this card relates both to literal hydration (are you drinking enough water?) and purifying the spirit. Are there things you've been holding onto that it may be time to let go of? Remember- the only person you can change is you. You aren't going to make someone else change or feel bad by holding onto old slights and grievances. They only really affect you. Purify yourself - let them go. You'll be better for it. Alternatively, drink tons and tons of water.
Why? - Three of Pentacles - you've been working hard to change and grow, this is the next step. But it'll take more work, more effort. 

Well... Hopefully it all rings true. I wish you much luck on your path!

Jessica's question: I've been dreaming a lot lately and I don't know if there's a reason or if it's just an escape. If there's a reason, why? If not, how can I regain the willpower to stop? (ps. you are of course welcome to use whatever approach you like for this, but tarot cards might work best, there are‚Äč quite a few cards that might indicate it being an escape [Star, Sun, 8oC, 6oS, 4oS perhaps...] or point to another reason.)
And, because I know that question is a little weird, I'll ask a second just in case it's... 2 Hard 2 Handle (couldn't help it). So... How am I failing?
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[personal profile] kristyjnh asks: "How can I get along better with my sister (are her moods just a phase?)?"

I based this reading on the one Cali did for me awhile ago, but I changed it a bit. I used my Healing with Fairies Oracle deck.

1) Jessica's perspective: Miracle Healing
You may be trying to reach out to lessen the distance between you two. Perhaps you feel that she is getting farther away and this gap is something you are trying to avoid.

2) Your Sister's perspective: Look Inside Yourself
Right now, she may be more focused on reflecting on her self and her development. She may feel more inclined to ponder her next step and where she wants to go, as this is a time of great change in her life.

3) What may help: Stand your ground (the Within Temptation song is now stuck in my head)
Don't give up and keep trying. When she feels she is standing on more solid footing or when she has made a decision, she may wish to reconnect with you. Just be careful. A more reserved approach may be best, lest she becomes overwhelmed with her decision and pressure from family.

4) Something that may hinder: Inner Power
This reinforces that soft support is preferable to trying to force her to acknowledge you and your intentions. For if you try, it may lead to nothing more than a power struggle, and may drive you farther apart rather than bring you closer together.

5) Advice: Visualization- Don't lose hope or sight of your goal. Keep in mind what you want and why you want to strengthen the relationship; why is this important for you. Reflect on the vision you are trying to manifest to help keep off frustration or the desire to give up on the relationship entirely. 

Well, I hope that helped in some way. For my question, What do I need to know right now and why?
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 Cali's question: what should I read next?

This is the only way I can think of to answer a question like this. Hope it shakes something loose.

1. General theme/genre  Page of Wands - a little adventure, but nothing huge or world-ending. A fun, creative story. 

2. Plot/story - Knight of Swords - fast paced, focused on a main character. Wordy.

3. Romance? - 3 of Cups - getting a lesbian vibe here. 

So... Ring any bells. Hopefully it at least points you in the right direction.

My question... Uhhh... How can I get along better with my sister (are her moods just a phase?)?
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Ya'll have been doing some huge readings so I'm going to mix 3 decks. One for the energy of Summer (Mermaids) one for the energy of the moon (Lune) and one for the energy of Earth (Crystals). Hopefully it comes out well.

Cali: How can I stay motivated towards change?

What will help keep you motivated:
The Unseen - Things you haven't gotten to experience because of where you are, because of the things limiting you. Keep those things in mind to help push you through.

Waxing Cresent ° Expansion - Your world will grow and you with it! Right now, you're trapped in a bubble, unable to reach the big wide world outside. Not only will your world expand, but you will grow fast and hard, breaking through the walls that have stood in the way of what you want. 

Clear Quartz ° Clarity - as you move forward, things will become clear. Clear quartz will help, as will Crown Chakra work.

What will suck your motivation out:
Conchomancy - Focusing on magick and craft, too much divination. Maintain the level you're at, don't invest more into it.
Blessing Moon ° Contentment - don't rest on those laurals! I know it's easy to do one thing and feel like you're done, don't. And don't let yourself feel like, "oh, actually things aren't quite as bad as they were or as I thought". Things don't start bad, they get there. Don't let yourself be content with things at this point.
Apatite ° Digestion - ummm... Yeah. Eat well so you don't have too much of that problem. 

General Advice:
Time Out - Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but also don't be afraid to take a little personal time to recoup. It'll only set yourself back further if you end up throwing yourself into a depressive episode.
Waning Cresent ° Transformation - You will experience some transformation during this moon cycle. Consider journalling or blogging where you are and what you feel so you can look back and see how far you've come. 
Apophyllite ° Meditation - keep yourself centered. This also speaks to higher Chakra work (Crown and 3rd Eye).

Your goal: Energy Field Adjustment, Rebirth (Blood Moon), and Truth.
You want to get to a point where you've changed, to where you can express your truths -your needs- without fear. You want to change your auric field, the energy you radiate. You want to change your mind/body/soul relationship, to be more in touch with certain things and less focused on others.

Okay, that's all. Any questions?

Jessica's question: how can I work more closely with the Mermaids this summer (other than visiting the beach more and using my mermaids deck more).

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[personal profile] calimon1991 asked: What are my strengths and weaknesses as a tarot/ oracle reader?

So, after getting to know my decks a little, I decided to use my Healing with Healing with Fairies oracle deck and Animal deck. I used the method of incorporating two decks from one of my card books.

1) Strength as a reader: Detoxification and Tortoise- As a reader, you are able to cleanse the energies surrounding the energies around the reading and as such, allows the subject to know when to change and when to resist change. 

2) Weakness as a reader: Financial Flow and Water Buffalo- You may not have been using tarot or oracle decks to the full extent of their ability to help you more confidently stand up for yourself which may benefit your financial standing as a result of this spirit.

3) Build on strengths: Trust your Intuition and Kangaroo- Work on trusting yourself, perhaps by doing more intuitive readings or work, and allow this momentum to push you toward even more challenges ahead.

4) Improve on weakness: Problem Resolved and Peacock- When you aren't trying too hard to protect yourself, the problem will be resolved and you will be able to shine, which may lead to you being an even stronger person and tarot reader.

This was a little tricky, so I hope this made sense and that this helps you in some way. My question comes from Jessica from awhile ago: What is my next spiritual step and how can I improve with it?[Bad username or unknown identity: ]
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Cali's question:
How can I best tackle the things I need to get done? Or maybe... How should I prioritize between all the things I need to get done...? Something like that... 

Highest priority: Make a Wish - What do you want most? To be able to move out, meet someone, get a new job? Pick the thing you want most and list the steps backward from there.

Lowest priority: Be True to Your Heart - Now is a time of change for you, a time to step out of your comfort zone. It's time to move out of your circle. Think, what would you normally do first? What would you have picked before Japan? Once you have that thought in your head, do the opposite. 

Best approach: Celebrate Differences - Humans are dichotomous creatures -we live with opposing forces everyday, both outside and inside ourselves. Again, it's time for you to find those pieces of yourself that exist opposite to your natural disposition and tap into them. If you're usually shy, find the moments or places that help you feel outgoing (in lolita, protective Cali, with your family) and try to tap into them elsewhere. Look for the ways you can make yourself different -not from the general pop, but from who you're used to being.

Pitfalls to avoid: Clear out the Old - No need to throw everything away, remember that you're growing. Don't cut off pieces of yourself, that will only make you smaller! You're becoming a more integrated person, celebrate your differences and incorporate both sides into yourself. Also, more literally, don't get caught up in just cleaning, because it can be hard to make progress on that if things just get messy again. Focus on things from your list that are harder to backstep on.

Additional advice: Seek Beauty - Enjoy your moments of fun! Give yourself time outdoors to just sit and enjoy nature. Tap into your connection to the Earth to help you stabilize during this time of change.

Sorry it got more intense that I was expecting!

Jessica's Question: How can I find stability?
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 So I used my Animal Oracle deck, which I don't usually do, because of the animal origin of the inquiry. One of the cards is actually the Hare, so I pulled that out to give guidance to the reading. Since this was pulled beforehand, I don't know if it has any relevance, but after doing the reading it seems to connect so I'll put the meaning here and let you decide.

0) The Hare card- Discernment before a passionate encounter leads to the magic of love. After reading the other cards, I'm thinking that this is saying that before looking for a relationship, know yourself and figure out what you want from a relationship and another person.
1) Why you are seeing rabbits: Wolf- From this, I got that they appeared to remind you to trust your instincts and recognize that they (and other things around you) have messages for you.
2) Their message: Tiger- With the beginning of summer comes the opportunities for adventure and passion (relationship?).
3) Steps to follow their advice: Fox- Keep your eyes open to the actions of others. You never know when "Mr. Right" may appear before you.

All in all, I think these cards make sense together, so I hope this helps Jessica in some way. As for my question: How can I improve my relationship with my sister?
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 Cali's question: What should I be focusing my energy on?

Focus on: VIII of Fire - Make the Change & Waning Cresent - Support
It's time to make the big change (the book literally talks about a new job or moving out) that has been on hold. You also need to put your energy into your support system, rely on family to help get things done, look to friends for assistance. Call on your spirit guides and work with your Root Chakra (grounding to help you with all the change going on).

To help you achieve this: VI of Earth - Family & Responsibility and Waxing Gibbous - Courage.
Again, rely on your family and community to get through this. Don't compare yourself to others and where they are, walk your own path with your head held high. You're strong and braver than you give yourself credit for. 

My question: what message do rabbits have for me, I keep seeing them around!
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Rishi: "As for my question, Jessica has already offered to do a love reading for me. For a specific question... What do I need to know about my love life?"

Using my Romance Angels deck with a past-present-future+actions spread. 

Past: Children - You were a kid. Yeah. 'Nuff said.

Present: This Could Be The One - You may have already met your next romantic partner, currently, in the present. You might have an inkling of who it is. 

Present action that will help: Attraction - Let yourself feel the attraction to this person. Maybe amp yourself up a little and pick a fun summer look that helps you feel really attractive. 

Future: It is safe for you to love - Safe is the striking word here. You can love; let yourself. Right now, you're protecting yourself, your heart, because you're afraid of the hurt it might bring. If you want to be with someone, open your heart and ask the angels to guide someone caring and gentle to your life, so they might push aside the fear you feel. 

Action to reach the future: Reconciliation - it says "someone from your past is returning to you". I don't know if this is the "One" mentioned in the present card and you'll reconnect in a new way or if this is someone who has hurt you so you can address that issue and heal. The book says "the first person you think of is likely who it is" so perhaps you know more than I regarding this card. 

That was my first reading with this deck! I hope it was alright and the cards fit with what you've been thinking/feeling. I wish you a lot of luck!

So... I get another question. Uhhhh... Okay Cali I know you have your fortune cards with you so I'll ask: What's next for me? (tell me a story or experiment a little with those things -if you want to)
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 So, as I said, this was a hard read for me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm still not that familiar with my deck or because I had a hard time with the layout, but here is what I have. With each section, I started by asking a yes or no question on whether Jessica should do each kind of work, and then for the yes answers, I looked more in depth. For the no's, I just pulled a "why not" card.

Shadow work:
Yes; Why: Page of Cups Reversed- She pushes her emotions too far away from herself too much; Benefits:
9 of Swords Reversed- She may not feel as worried over problems that only she perceives as a problem.
Light work:
Yes; Why:IV Emperor Reversed- It will help build up Jessica's confidence as a spiritual leader; Benefits: 3 of Wands- It will her explore beyond her comfort zone to potentially meet far away goals.
No; Because: Queen of Swords Reversed- Too much of this work, she withdraws into herself and her head too much...?
Spirit Guides:
No; Because: 2 of Wands- Too much of this creates a conflict within herself between who she is not and who she was.
Heart Healing:

No; Because: Knight of Cups Reversed- Too much of this may throw her emotions into haywire.
Animal Totem:

Yes; Why: King of Cups Reversed- She feels out of control of her emotions in certain circumstances; Benefits: XIX Sun Reversed- It will help her connect with the out of doors and nature.
Energy work:
Yes; Why: XVIII Moon Reversed- It will help her stop being stuck in indecisiveness and better rely on her intuition; Benefits: 9 of Pentacles- It will help her use her time wisely so she'll have more time to energy to complete projects.

So that's what I got, and I really hope this helps. As for my question, Jessica has already offered to do a love reading for me. For a specific question... What do I need to know about my love life?
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 [personal profile] kirarose_10 said: My question is what kinds of activities or tasks should I be focusing on right now?

I of Earth and Leap of Faith - It looks like it's time for something new. Are you maybe stuck in a bit of a rut? Maybe there's been some small thread of an idea forming in your mind that you hadn't really thought you could do -well the cards say go for it. It could be a club, craft, project, anything. I of Earth specifically asks you to create something new (interpersonal relationships count) while Leap of Faith screams "GO FOR IT!" 

To help you do this, my crystal deck recommends Rutilated Quartz, which you can find at most spirituality or rock stores for pretty cheap or but online. This place in Arcata might have them - 

I hope that covered it!

Jessica's question: What's my next spiritual step and how can I flourish with/at it? (More shadow work, lightwork, Angels, spirit guides, heart healing, animal totems, energy work... etc)
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I used my Dreamer deck, as usual, and paired each card with a rune.

1) What to work on in your professional life: 2 of Wands Reversed and [P] Joy- If you can learn to trust your instincts better and have the confidence to follow through and take control of what happens, you may feel more carefree and enjoy work more.

2) What to work on in your personal life: 3 of Pentacles and [R] Journey- You can feel more confident and secure knowing that your friends will have your back and be there for you as you travel on a journey to far off places where you may meet new people and make new friends.

3) What to work on in your spiritual practice: 9 of Cups and [ I ] Standstill- Sometimes, you may feel that you are too guarded to let yourself connect with the Divine which can cause you to freeze. In turn, when you freeze you may feel unable to move forward and grow with your powers and practice. Try putting this fear aside and let yourself expand your abilities.

I hope this helps............ (I never know that to say at the end of these readings). My question is what kinds of activities or tasks should I be focusing on right now?
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 [personal profile] bethfly said: "How can I find the career or job I'm meant to have?"

I asked Jessica for some advice so she's the one who came up with the spread and I hope I did alright because I kind of had some trouble with this, sorry.

1) What you should be doing
Exhaustion (9 of Fire)
- Something that wears you out, something that leaves you exaughsted, but feeling satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day. This card has a lot of metal in it and moving/working parts, so potentially something where you're working with your hands to actually make something...

2) Why you should be doing this
Projections (7 of Water)
- You've had a lot of ideas - mostly instilled upon you by other people, or at least strongly influenced by them - of what it is you should be doing and this should help you shed these - potentially wrong/unnecessary - ideas off.

3) Where your natural talents lie
Ice-olation (3 of Swords)
- Working alone. You might do best in something where you don't have to work in a team/have to rely on others to get a job done. Maybe something where you are given tasks where you are the sole one responsible for getting it done. Also potentially something that is more logic driven and where emotions don't really have a place...

4) What you shouldn't be doing
Stress (7 of Fire)
- Well... Obviously not something that would cause you a lot of unnecessary stress. Potentially not something where you have to do a lot of multi-tasking/have to work on a bunch of different projects all at once.

5) Why you shouldn't be doing this
Comparison (5 of Air)
- The negatives of a job like this would far outweigh any of the perks. For example no matter how well it may pay the negative effects it may have on your mental health and well-being would never be worth it.

6) Advice to find this path
Change (X - The Wheel of Fortune)
- You are already on your way. You are heading in the right direction. There are still some steps you need to take, but it's kind of a waiting game right now. Keep moving forward with the confidence that you know what your doing and that everything will turn out alright in the end.

Alright... Well... That's what I got... Sorry if it's not great... I really hope it can help you at least a little. If anyone else wants to read further for her/has some additional insight please do so.

For my question...
What should I be working on?
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 [personal profile] kristyjnh said: "How can I succeed this week?"

So I decided to go for 4 decks too.

1) What you should focus on achieving
Page of Pentacles
- Be diligent and practical. I took this to mean that you should be focusing on finding a balance between getting your all your homework done and not overwhelming yourself/procrastinating to the last second.

2) How you can achieve this
Black Obsidian - The Shadow
- Maybe do some shadow work to find the root behind procrastination... The book basically just talks about shadow work to. Also purge yourself of stale energy.

3) What you can do to succeed in general throughout the week
- Well, pretty self-explanatory... Spend some time to yourself.

4) What you shouldn't do
30 - nurture all you love
- The key word here is all. Try to just focus on a few things that you want to get done/focus on this week and give them your all. Don't work on too many things, no matter how much you may feel like you've been neglecting something. You may love many thing, but just pick a few to give attention to this week.

So for my question, going back to Jessica's last reading for me:
How can I better embrace the "masculine?"
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 [personal profile] kirarose_10  As for my question, with the help of Jessica, I'd like to know what is my psychic gift and how can I foster it more?"

Clear Your Space + Pluto + Yemaya (and thinking of the Star from your last reading as well)
I believe this speaks to a gift related to Karmic healing or cutting ties with the past. Yemaya is the primordial life of the ocean. Now, I may be wrong but here's what I see. Yemaya indicates a connection to the past, to lives gone by. Pluto and The Star, when read together, speak of  a new start, a new beginning. Clear Your Space represents cleansing and purifying. And so, we have the gift of helping people by removing long-held, psychic wounds.

How you can foster it: Freedom & Indigo and Crystal Children
Know that you are different. How you see and experience the world is not how the majority of people do. Be proud of your differences and let them work to your advantage. Working with children and being determined on the path you've chosen will assist as well. 

Well... I really hope that helps. It wasn't quite as clear as I would have liked Cali might want to read on it as well to fill in the gaps. 
My question is... how can I succeed this week? Unless Cali wants to take it and read for Rishi's question as well. 
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 [personal profile] kristyjnh: "What cycle am I in?"

I decided to use my Dreamer Journal deck and my Runes then I pulled one card and one rune for each aspect.

1) General cycle: IX Hermit and Harvest- You may be keeping yourself in solitude as a way to harvest the fruits of previous work and efforts. (That's all I got from this, so I really hope this means more for you than it does to me.)

2) Personal cycle: Queen of Cups and Protection- You may be actively trying to protect your heart and emotions out of a fear of some dark and hazy feelings that you's rather not face or think about, choosing to focus on other things instead.

3) Work cycle: 9 of Swords Reversed and Warrior Reversed- Because you are not afraid of huge looming problems at work you are able to get tasks done hastily and efficiently.

4) Self cycle: VIII Strength and Standstill- In an attempt to appear stronger, you may be keeping yourself in a standstill. You may feel like if you try to grow and move up, you may appear weak and vulnerable.

5) Religious cycle: King of Swords and Growth Reversed- You have a tendency to think very logically about life and subjects in general which can interfere with your ability to view your beliefs with blind faith.

I really hope this helps because it didn't always make sense until I combined the runes with the cards, and even then.... As for my question, with the help of Jessica, I'd like to know what is my psychic gift and how can I foster it more?

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[Bad username or unknown identity: calimon1991:]  My question... 
What does my practice need right now?

Okay so I'm just going to pull 3 cards from various oracles for what it needs, and 1 card for what it doesn't need.

What your practice needs:
Amplify Your Positive Emotions - Right now, what you're sending out is not who you are (I'm thinking in regards to your work situation). The negativity can be hard to let go of, but if you positivity out there it will return. Focus on the good things you're working on. If you do magick, keep it light, hopeful, positive. Remember that no matter how much you might wish you didn't, we all create ripples that affect the world and people around us. Know too that this is just a part of the cycle you're in, something you had to experience to grow, and that it will pass and you will move on to something better for you, new and exciting. Maybe try working on some "law of attraction" magick.
Honor The Masculine - In regards to your practice, it may be time switch up deities to a male one. Remember that without men women would not exist and without women men would not exist - both are necessary. For growth, you may want to work on integrating "masculine" traits. Consider this: The Empress is a ruler. Do you think she is soft spoken? Mow much decision-making comes with a job like that? She is your goal, so consider pieces of her that are harder to see through the mask of 'perfect womanhood'. 
Clairaudience - Listen to your inner voice. Try to grow that gift. (I recommend google).

What it doesn't need:
The Moon - No need for shadow work right now. Leave your darker emotions, hidden feelings, and fears out of your practice. 

Hope that helped, sorry it took me so long!

Jessica's question: What cycle am I in? 
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 [personal profile] kirarose_10 said: "How can I improve my ability to organize my time: between friends, school work, and personal time?"

1) What to do
0 - The Fool
Start again, start fresh. Try something new when it comes to the way you organize your time. This card also talks about following instinct. Do what feels right. Somewhere you know what you should be doing and when you should be doing it, follow that voice.

2) What not to do
XVI - The Tower
Don't get upset or frustrated and definitely don't give up and destroy all the hard work you've put in until now. The Fool says to give yourself a fresh start, but The Tower says not to complete trash the groundwork you've already laid in the starting over process.

3) Specific advice: time for friends
XV - The Devil
Don't give into temptation. You may want to spend a lot of time with friends, but moderation is the key. Friend time is important, but don't let it tempt you into procrastination.

4) Specific advice: time for school work
5 of Pentacles
Don't get discouraged. I know sometimes school work can be draining and sometimes it feels like it takes forever, but it is important. Keep your goals in mind. Remember why your doing the work. What is it that you want to accomplish? Put in the necessary work now to get the results you want in the future.

5) Specific advice: time for self
Page of Swords
Be logical. Be observant. Pay attention to yourself. Do your body/mind have any signs they give when you need a break? Look for them and heed them.  Learn to figure out when you need a break and use your time wisely.

Hope I did that alright.

My question... 
What does my practice need right now?


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