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[personal profile] kristyjnh asks: "I've been dreaming a lot lately and I don't know if there's a reason or if it's just an escape. If there's a reason, why? If not, how can I regain the willpower to stop?"
So, I didn't use my tarot deck, because when it comes to dreams that are so personal, I thought it would be better to do the reading with a deck Jessica gave to me. Therefore, I used my Healing with the Fairies Oracle deck, and although the results weren't straight forward, I think they still make sense.

1) Why you are dreaming?: Moving Forward Fearlessly

Your dreams are in fact trying to tell you something. They are trying to push you toward some kind of message. The dreams keep coming because it's waiting for you to follow the message through with confidence.

2) What is the meaning behind the dreams?: Breaking Free

There may be something holding you back from your truest potential, either spiritually or in your day to day life. Your message from the dreams is to break free from this blockage and reach new heights.

3) Advice about what to do about the dreams: Dreams Come True

You should heed the message by finding what may be holding you back and over-come it.

4) What is blocking you?: Look Inside Yourself

The block exists in you, and may even have been created within yourself. Look within, however you prefer, to find the problem rather than search outside sources.

5) How to overcome this?: Trust Your Intuition

Trust yourself and your abilities more. Know that you can resolve this.

I'm sorry that this was kind of vague, but I really hope this helps. By the way, I added the last two after typing this up and realizing how weak the advice card was. My question is Where do I need to grow/ improve and how can I do this?

Date: 2017-06-30 06:09 am (UTC)
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Sorry I've been slow on feedback. I definitely see what this is saying. Dreams have been an escape. See, I'm not dreaming anything specific or recurring, there is no unifying message between them. I'm not moving forward fearlessly so I run into my own head. I need to break free or my true dreams -the real things I want, my true wishes- won't be able to come true. The block is inside me, my own avoidance and is of my own creation. Trusting my intuition, this is what I feel is true.

Thank you.


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