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 Rishi's question: What do I need to know now and why?

Things you need to know... 

because you forgot - Illumination - there are things in your life that truly light it up. Things that brighten your day that may have been forgotten. Try to find those things again. 
Why? - Five of Cups - it can be easy to focus on how things are bad, dark, or on things you have lost, but this is holding you back.

because it may be dangerous not to know - Homeland - home is where the heart is... Where's yours? Being back in your family home may have felt a little weird, like a step back or regression. Also, this could relate to problems with your family at your parents' house.
Why? - Knight of Pentacles - slowly but surely you have forged ahead, creating your own place, gaining Independence. Don't let yourself lose that by falling back into old habits.

to help you heal or grow - Howlite - Purification - this card relates both to literal hydration (are you drinking enough water?) and purifying the spirit. Are there things you've been holding onto that it may be time to let go of? Remember- the only person you can change is you. You aren't going to make someone else change or feel bad by holding onto old slights and grievances. They only really affect you. Purify yourself - let them go. You'll be better for it. Alternatively, drink tons and tons of water.
Why? - Three of Pentacles - you've been working hard to change and grow, this is the next step. But it'll take more work, more effort. 

Well... Hopefully it all rings true. I wish you much luck on your path!

Jessica's question: I've been dreaming a lot lately and I don't know if there's a reason or if it's just an escape. If there's a reason, why? If not, how can I regain the willpower to stop? (ps. you are of course welcome to use whatever approach you like for this, but tarot cards might work best, there are‚Äč quite a few cards that might indicate it being an escape [Star, Sun, 8oC, 6oS, 4oS perhaps...] or point to another reason.)
And, because I know that question is a little weird, I'll ask a second just in case it's... 2 Hard 2 Handle (couldn't help it). So... How am I failing?
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