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 [personal profile] kirarose_10 said: My question is what kinds of activities or tasks should I be focusing on right now?

I of Earth and Leap of Faith - It looks like it's time for something new. Are you maybe stuck in a bit of a rut? Maybe there's been some small thread of an idea forming in your mind that you hadn't really thought you could do -well the cards say go for it. It could be a club, craft, project, anything. I of Earth specifically asks you to create something new (interpersonal relationships count) while Leap of Faith screams "GO FOR IT!" 

To help you do this, my crystal deck recommends Rutilated Quartz, which you can find at most spirituality or rock stores for pretty cheap or but online. This place in Arcata might have them - 

I hope that covered it!

Jessica's question: What's my next spiritual step and how can I flourish with/at it? (More shadow work, lightwork, Angels, spirit guides, heart healing, animal totems, energy work... etc)
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