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 So, as I said, this was a hard read for me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm still not that familiar with my deck or because I had a hard time with the layout, but here is what I have. With each section, I started by asking a yes or no question on whether Jessica should do each kind of work, and then for the yes answers, I looked more in depth. For the no's, I just pulled a "why not" card.

Shadow work:
Yes; Why: Page of Cups Reversed- She pushes her emotions too far away from herself too much; Benefits:
9 of Swords Reversed- She may not feel as worried over problems that only she perceives as a problem.
Light work:
Yes; Why:IV Emperor Reversed- It will help build up Jessica's confidence as a spiritual leader; Benefits: 3 of Wands- It will her explore beyond her comfort zone to potentially meet far away goals.
No; Because: Queen of Swords Reversed- Too much of this work, she withdraws into herself and her head too much...?
Spirit Guides:
No; Because: 2 of Wands- Too much of this creates a conflict within herself between who she is not and who she was.
Heart Healing:

No; Because: Knight of Cups Reversed- Too much of this may throw her emotions into haywire.
Animal Totem:

Yes; Why: King of Cups Reversed- She feels out of control of her emotions in certain circumstances; Benefits: XIX Sun Reversed- It will help her connect with the out of doors and nature.
Energy work:
Yes; Why: XVIII Moon Reversed- It will help her stop being stuck in indecisiveness and better rely on her intuition; Benefits: 9 of Pentacles- It will help her use her time wisely so she'll have more time to energy to complete projects.

So that's what I got, and I really hope this helps. As for my question, Jessica has already offered to do a love reading for me. For a specific question... What do I need to know about my love life?

You're awesome

Date: 2017-05-23 07:37 am (UTC)
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Okay, wow. You really went all out, sorry it ended up being so big. I think the way I would have done it was draw 1-3 cards and seen what sort of work stuck out to me for each, but this gave way more info which is really helpful.

I agree with most of your interpretations, you did really well. All of the shadow work, light work, Animal totem cards were well read and the Page of Cups rx in particular is so on point and perfectly read.

I don't see anything that I would interpret vastly differently, perhaps I might the Knight of Cups rx as I don't need to do Heart Healing because my emotions aren't currently out of wack, but really, that's a stylistic difference.

Anyway, thank you for your time and energy, I appreciate you putting the effort in. I hope my reading hits some good places for you too! You're very brave for putting up with so many reversals, I just don't let them happen in my decks so I don't have to deal with them. They're hard to read!


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