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[personal profile] kristyjnh asks: "How can I get along better with my sister (are her moods just a phase?)?"

I based this reading on the one Cali did for me awhile ago, but I changed it a bit. I used my Healing with Fairies Oracle deck.

1) Jessica's perspective: Miracle Healing
You may be trying to reach out to lessen the distance between you two. Perhaps you feel that she is getting farther away and this gap is something you are trying to avoid.

2) Your Sister's perspective: Look Inside Yourself
Right now, she may be more focused on reflecting on her self and her development. She may feel more inclined to ponder her next step and where she wants to go, as this is a time of great change in her life.

3) What may help: Stand your ground (the Within Temptation song is now stuck in my head)
Don't give up and keep trying. When she feels she is standing on more solid footing or when she has made a decision, she may wish to reconnect with you. Just be careful. A more reserved approach may be best, lest she becomes overwhelmed with her decision and pressure from family.

4) Something that may hinder: Inner Power
This reinforces that soft support is preferable to trying to force her to acknowledge you and your intentions. For if you try, it may lead to nothing more than a power struggle, and may drive you farther apart rather than bring you closer together.

5) Advice: Visualization- Don't lose hope or sight of your goal. Keep in mind what you want and why you want to strengthen the relationship; why is this important for you. Reflect on the vision you are trying to manifest to help keep off frustration or the desire to give up on the relationship entirely. 

Well, I hope that helped in some way. For my question, What do I need to know right now and why?
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