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 Cali's question: What should I be focusing my energy on?

Focus on: VIII of Fire - Make the Change & Waning Cresent - Support
It's time to make the big change (the book literally talks about a new job or moving out) that has been on hold. You also need to put your energy into your support system, rely on family to help get things done, look to friends for assistance. Call on your spirit guides and work with your Root Chakra (grounding to help you with all the change going on).

To help you achieve this: VI of Earth - Family & Responsibility and Waxing Gibbous - Courage.
Again, rely on your family and community to get through this. Don't compare yourself to others and where they are, walk your own path with your head held high. You're strong and braver than you give yourself credit for. 

My question: what message do rabbits have for me, I keep seeing them around!


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