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[Bad username or unknown identity: calimon1991:]  My question... 
What does my practice need right now?

Okay so I'm just going to pull 3 cards from various oracles for what it needs, and 1 card for what it doesn't need.

What your practice needs:
Amplify Your Positive Emotions - Right now, what you're sending out is not who you are (I'm thinking in regards to your work situation). The negativity can be hard to let go of, but if you positivity out there it will return. Focus on the good things you're working on. If you do magick, keep it light, hopeful, positive. Remember that no matter how much you might wish you didn't, we all create ripples that affect the world and people around us. Know too that this is just a part of the cycle you're in, something you had to experience to grow, and that it will pass and you will move on to something better for you, new and exciting. Maybe try working on some "law of attraction" magick.
Honor The Masculine - In regards to your practice, it may be time switch up deities to a male one. Remember that without men women would not exist and without women men would not exist - both are necessary. For growth, you may want to work on integrating "masculine" traits. Consider this: The Empress is a ruler. Do you think she is soft spoken? Mow much decision-making comes with a job like that? She is your goal, so consider pieces of her that are harder to see through the mask of 'perfect womanhood'. 
Clairaudience - Listen to your inner voice. Try to grow that gift. (I recommend google).

What it doesn't need:
The Moon - No need for shadow work right now. Leave your darker emotions, hidden feelings, and fears out of your practice. 

Hope that helped, sorry it took me so long!

Jessica's question: What cycle am I in? 
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