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 So, once again, I used the Dreamer's Journal for this reading. Also, a reminder that when I draw the Moon card, it never means the traditional tarot meaning, so it probably doesn't apply here (which I checked). To interpret the card, I based everything on the picture in the card.

1) How to improve skills involved in your career: XVIII The Moon- Often in one's life, a person may feel their path is blocked. At these times, it may prove useful to look for and try paths that you may not have considered before. Extend your horizons and you may find a way around the block.

2) How to achieve recognition and advancement: 3 of Wands- You have laid the groundwork for success and have set goals in mind. Now is the time to take a step back and pay close attention to the responses from others. You do well at work, and signs of success will come.

3) Why this growth is important: 2 of Swords- Recognition and rewards will help you feel more confident when you face a decision at work tat you need to answer on your own. You may find it easier to weigh the options and move forward assured in your choice.

4) What not to do/is unimportant: XIV Temperance- When seeking improvement at work, do not try to find a balance between work and personal life. While at work, focus on the work; leave the issues you are facing with your personal life at home so as to not distract from the work at hand.

I really hope this helped because it was a bit challenging for me to read, especially the Moon in this case. Now for the hardest part for me: my question. How can I improve my ability to organize my time: between friends, school work, and personal time? 

Date: 2017-03-06 03:01 am (UTC)
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This looks very accurate. I've been meaning to start trying some more baking stuff at home, but I lost momentum in that and I know that I need to pick it back up again... That would definitely help me expand my horizons when it comes to my baking knowledge. The 3 of Wands was nice to hear, nice to know that I've been doing decently enough up to this point. That last one is hard for me though... I'm not great at keep it down about if something is bothering me outside of work... Gotta work on that. Thank you for this.
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I'm so glad you're liking the Mystic Dreamer Tarot! I never used the journal that came with it, I'm glad it has a good home now.

Regarding reading the Moon, I never liked the "traditional" RWS meaning either. I tend toward the Astrological meaning for the moon personally, minus the mother associations. If you get stumped again on it, this might help -

Also, Cali, I'm sure the significance of Temperance in the negative position wasn't lost to you. Historically, Cali has pulled this card for positions such as, "what you need less of", "negative aspects of your approach", and "what's holding you back", which we think refers to her, um, less than assertive nature. Temperance can be balance, moderation, and, potentially, avoidance or fear of conflict or keeping parts of yourself behind walls for the sake of "the peace".

Just had to give my little input, you're getting very good at reading Rishi!


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